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Attract customers to you like hummingbirds to honeysuckle.

Write a Magical Website

Let’s write a website you love AND that gets you new clients! Here’s how:

Step One: Over a 60-minute consultation, we dive deeply into your business, your brand and your clientele.

Step Two: I do Search Engine Optimization research. Then I provide you with a two-page report detailing your ideal customer or client, your brand voice and key (Search Engine Optimized) messaging for your website.

Step Three: I work with you (or your website designer) to develop your website architecture outline. This includes the placement of key messages and call-out buttons.

Step Four: I write beautiful copy that will make you more popular than Vitamin C in winter. But wait, we’re not quite finished!

Step Five: Together we review the work until it’s just right. Unlike other copywriters, I provide unlimited revisions.

Step Six: I proofread to make sure every comma is perfectly in place.

Step Seven: You launch your website and watch the traffic grow.

Build Your Authority

Blog posts are as essential to digital marketing strategy as hummus to a Vegan. Putting high-quality content on your website can help your customers find you in the sea of digital traffic and get to know you. They also: benefit your community through freely shared information, establish you as the expert you are, and make it easier for search engines to find you.

Here’s how we Build Your Authority:

Step One: Over a 60-minute consultation we take a deep dive into your work, your business goals, and your clientele. We also brainstorm possible blog topics.

Step Two: I do Search Engine Optimization research to find out what information people are looking for in your field. I provide you with a 1-2 page list of topics. This list will include topics we discussed, as well as recommended ideas based on search engine research.

Step Three: Once you approve the list of topics, I create a content calendar showing when each post will be drafted and posted.

Step Four: I draft interesting and informative blogs that will draw your clients to you like hippies to a folk festival.

Step Five: You review them. I revise until you’re thrilled with the result.

Step Six: You watch your website traffic grow.


engage with email

As much as we all roll our eyes at spam, email is still an incredibly effective digital marketing tool. Emails allow you to send the right messages, to the right people at the perfect time. They transform interested customers into buyers. And keep you connected to your community.

Here’s how we Engage With Email:

Step One: Over a 60-minute consultation, we take a deep dive into your work, your business goals, and your clientele. We talk about your email campaign goals, and discuss strategies to accomplish them.

Step Two: I provide you with a one-page report proposing what emails will be sent, when, and to whom. You tell me what you think, and we work together until the campaign is just right.

Step Three: I draft un-spammy emails that will increase your sales.

Step Four: You review them, and I revise until you love them.

Step Five: You get ready for an abundance of business!

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